Multiple Sclerosis

Drug Treaments - Actions and Side Effects

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Multiple Sclerosis Drug Treatment Options

Current Treatment Options

After the shock of your Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis wears off (Symptoms) , you need to begin educating yourself about your treatment options.  You should always follow the guidance and advice of your physician, but it is also very important that you understand the existing treatment options.  There are several drugs approved for MS treatment, but none of them actually cure the disease and the effectiveness of each drug varies with the individual.  There is hope however; promising new drugs are currently in development.  These developmental drugs represent new strategies for attacking the disease and could provide breakthrough results. 

Existing MS Drugs – Action and Side Effects

Monoclonal Drugs

Monoclonal antibody treatments for Multiple sclerosis appear very promising as a new treatment option.  This class of drug therapy has already been approved for many other conditions and new studies are underway to investigate their effectiveness for MS. Since Monoclonal Antibodies are a more selectively targeted therapy, their side effects tend to be relatively mild (although a few deaths have been reported) and treatment action seems to be more effective than existing drugs.  Keep an eye on the results of these studies; you may be able to upgrade your treatment options soon. Tysabri has already been approved for MS and is available with a prescription from your Physician.

Monoclonal Drugs in Development for MS

Oral Drugs

Even with the promise of new Monoclonal treatments, other drugs are still being studied as potential MS treatments. One of the most anticipated improvements for MS Drugs is the addition of Oral treatment options.  Most of the current drugs must be injected to be effective; a new class of Oral drugs are being developed.   Many are in Phase three trials and may be available soon.

Oral Drugs in Development for MS 

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