Swine Flu

Symptoms, Treatment and Recovery


Our son was diagnosed with Swine Flu (H1N1) on May 5th, 2009.  By the time of diagnosis, the worst of the  infection was past.  It came on rapidly on the evening of May 3rd with chills, aches and lethargy.  He had been fine most of the day, but everything hit in the evening.   By 10:30, his fever had spiked pretty bad and my wife decided not to take any chances and took him to the after hours clinic.  The doctor confirmed that he had a viral infection due to the lack of bacterial infection signs and a culture was taken and a prescription for Tamiflu was made.  We would have to wait 48 hours to find out if the virus was Swine Flu so there was nothing to due but care for our son, wait and hope. 

  The first night was the worst; there was delirium and several bouts of vomiting.  We started the Tamiflu immediately and added some ibuprofen to make him more comfortable.  The first full day of the flu left our son weak, feverish and semi-delirious.  He stayed in bed all day, had a few bouts of vomiting and only took in fluids.  By the end of the first day, the fever seemed to have peaked and appeared to begin subsiding.  He slept soundly through night two with a mild fever.


Our experience with Swine Flu seemed to be relatively mild.  I’m not sure if the virus was weak or if the Tamiflu really suppressed the infection.  Either way, here are our takeaways for parents with children with Flu symptoms.


  1. Don’t Panic. It’s scary when your child comes down with what may be a life threatening illness but you have to put the worst case scenario out of your mind. 
  2. Go to the doctor immediately.  If it were you (and adult) it might be a different story, but no amount of money or inconvenience is worth more than your child.  Even if you don’t have an after hours clinic and you have to go to the emergency room, it will be worth it when your done. 
  3. Get the Tamiflu.  All indications are that it is effective in treating the Swine flu so get it and start using it ASAP.
  4. Keep your child hydrated and comfortable.  Besides an overeating immune system, dehydration is one the biggest dangers during a Flu infection. 

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