Motivational Companion  
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Carry pocket sized motivation for any goal with these instructional quotes from some of the brightest and most industrious luminaries throughout history. Accompanied by the awesome images of Curtis Kautzer, this motivational App will help keep you inspired. Images and quotes rotate at an interval of your choosing giving you new motivation or inspiration every time you pick up your phone. Add the best quotes to your favorites list or add your own quotes to the library. The notification service allows you to schedule an inspirational reminder at times of your choosing. Share your favorites with email or facebook and export any image to set as your device wallpaper.



With images by Curtis Kautzer and quotes by:

Abraham Lincoln Epicurus Moliere
Albert Einstein Euripides Muhammad Ali
Anton Chekhov Francis Bacon Napoleon Bonaparte
Aristotle Frank Loyd Wright Plutarch
Benjamin Franklin General George S. Patton Ralph Waldo Emerson
Booker T. Washington George Eliot Robert Frost
Buddha Helen Keller St. Augustine
Carl Sandburg Henry David Thoreau St. Clement of Alexandria
Charles Darwin Henry Ford Thomas Edison
Charles du Bois Henry W. Longfellow Thomas Huxley
Charles Lynch Henry Ward Beecher Thomas Jefferson
Colin Powell Horace/Quintus Hortius Flaccus Thomas Paine
Confucius  John F. Kennedy Virgil
Dale Carnegie Mahatma Gandhi William Shakespeare
Democritus Margaret Thatcher Winston Churchill
Eleanor Roosevelt Mark Twain Yogi Berra
Emily Dickinson Martin Luther King, Jr. And Many Moreā€¦