Flipping Phone  
For Android Phones         

Flipping Phone plays a sound when you flick your wrist. (a flick is a 45-90 degree rotation from front to back). On most handsets, your flip will also cause your phone to wake up and become ready to dial or perform other actions*. The app installs with 34 sounds and the ability to load custom sounds. Sounds can be selected individually or Randomized with each flip. Optionally, Flipping phone can be configured to open your Phone dialer dialog or silence incoming calls so you can play your sound and communicate.

Use your favorite wave/mp3 file or grab a sound from the thousands already created and downloadable for free all over the internet. Add the sounds from your favorite TV show or movie to your phone. With the custom sound feature, you can activate the auditory part of your costuming or gaming. Magic Missiles, fairy bells, or lightening strikes are available with a flick of your wrist. Do you need ominous music or a laugh track... the possibilities are endless
This is a ‘must have’ for the fan of science fiction or fantasy. Whether it is Stargate ™, Star Trek ™, or Doctor Who ™ a flick of your wrist plays that distinctive sound that you have loaded.


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