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Thanks to you, we are a proud sponsor of the
Women's Ministry Kenya Mission Trip - July 6-16, 2011

"Thank you so much for supporting me and the missions to benefit women in Kenya. We never know how much our acts of kindness will benefit others.. but I know God has a perfect plan for it all."

Susan Smith

SouthEast Christian Outreach Trips

The Bible Verses Widget will give inspirational verses & guidance on your phone or tablet device. A verse will display on your home screen and periodically update automatically. You can click on the widget to view the entire verse on the verse viewer screen. From there, you can link to and read the entire chapter online or share it with your friends using Facebook, Twitter or email. Widgets can be configured with multiple sizes, colors and transparencies.


Genesis 1:18 Exodus 20:11 Ephesians 1:17 Psalms 118:24
Hosea 6:6 Psalms 55:22 Proverbs 28:13 Jeremiah 29:13
Matthew 5:10 Matthew 21:22
1 Timothy 3:2 1 John 1:8 Deuteronomy 32:4 John 15:12


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