.NET Programming

Function to Enumerate Computers on a Domain

Keywords: Enumerate domain computers, DirectoryServices, list computers on domain



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        //Add Reference to DirectoryServices

        //using System.DirectoryServices;


        private void EnumerateComputers(string DomainName,string UserID,string Password)


            DirectoryEntry ParentEntry = new DirectoryEntry();



                ParentEntry.Path = "WinNT://" + DomainName;

                ParentEntry.Username = DomainName + "\\" + UserID;

                ParentEntry.Password = Password;

                foreach (DirectoryEntry childEntry in     



                    switch (childEntry.SchemaClassName)


                        case "Computer":

                            listBox1.Items.Add (childEntry.Name);






            catch (Exception e1)


                MessageBox.Show("Error While Reading Directories: " + e1.ToString());




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