.NET Programming

How to read and write to the old VB HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry Key in .NET

Keywords: VB and VBA Program Settings, .NET, Registry, HKEY_CURRENT_USER



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        //Replace AppName with your identifier

        //using Microsoft.Win32;



        public string GetHKCUSERSetting(string StringName, string Default)


            string s = Default;

            RegistryKey rk = Registry.CurrentUser.OpenSubKey(

                           "Software\\VB and VBA Program Settings\\AppName\\Local");

            if (rk is RegistryKey)

                s = (String)rk.GetValue(StringName);

            if (s == null)

                s = Default;

            return s;



        public string SetHKCUSERSetting(string StringName, string KeyValue)


            RegistryKey rk;

            string ErrorString = "";




                rk = Registry.CurrentUser.CreateSubKey(

                        "Software\\VB and VBA Program Settings\\AppName\\Local");

                if (rk is RegistryKey)

                    rk.SetValue(StringName, KeyValue);


            catch (Exception e)


                ErrorString = e.ToString();



            return ErrorString;



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