.NET Programming

Install directory of CAB files on a WindowsMobile Device using rapi CreateProcess and wceload.exe (with Wait functionality)

Keywords: rapi CreateProcess Blocking Call wceload.exe DeviceFileExists CAB files Windows Mobile Device




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//using OpenNETCF.Desktop.Communication;




    while (!rapi.Connected) rapi.Connect();



    foreach (string file in Directory.GetFiles(CabPath, "*.cab"))


        fileName = Path.GetFileName(file);


rapi.CopyFileToDevice(file, Path.Combine(devicePath, fileName), true);

        rapi.CreateProcess(@"\Windows\wceload.exe", "/noui \"" +

            Path.Combine(devicePath, fileName)+ "\"");

        // the Rapi CreateProcess call returns immedialy,

        //this may cause some of the Cab Files to fail to install

        // when multiple installations are required







        } while (rapi.DeviceFileExists(devicePath + "\\" + fileName) ==


// Use the DeviceFileExists function to simulate a Blocking //thread and ensure that all CAB files are installed. 

        // By default the

  // wceload function removes the CAB file from the Device after  

  // successful or failed installation, so it's disappearance  

        // signals the end of the installation


        currentFile += 1;

        FileInstallParametersChange(totalFiles, currentFile);



catch (Exception ex)







    if (rapi.Connected) rapi.Disconnect();



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