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Medical Diagnoses: Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements, Inability to ingest foods secondary to nausea


Nursing DX/Clinical Problem

Client Goals/Desired Outcomes/Objectives

Nursing Interventions/Actions/Orders and Rationale





Subjective client expressed a lack of interest in food because of nausea









Increased metablic need due to illness


Vomited all meds


Vomiting after meals


Eating less than 50% of meals




Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements









Long Term:

1. client will not experience weight loss during her stay           

1. obtain and record patient’s weight at same time every day

1. to obtain most accurate readings








Client did not experience any weight loss during stay







Inability to ingest foods secondary to nausea







Short Term:

1.client will consume at least 75% of food at mealtimes

1.remove cover of food tray before bringing it into the room

1. sudden concentrated food odors that comes when the cover is removed can trigger nausea

2.provide distraction from the sensation of nausea, using soft music, television, and videos per the client preference.

2. distraction can help direct attention away form from the sensation of nasea


Client is able to consume adequate nutrition of at least 75% of food at mealtimes  



Vomiting after meals









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*I = Implementation.  Check those interventions/actions/orders that were implemented

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