Nursing Care Plan

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Medical Diagnoses: Chronic Confusion, Diminished mental capacity secondary to dementia


Nursing DX/Clinical Problem

Client Goals/Desired Outcomes/Objectives

Nursing Interventions/Actions/Orders and Rationale






Unable to obtain any information from client







Client unable to answer simple questions regarding past events


Client repeats questions and unable to retain information


Extreme of age (93)


Disoriented to place and time




Chronic confusion





Long Term:

Function at maximum cognitive level


1.Engage client in individualized communication to maximize client interaction and response

1. communication that involve clients interests improves communication abilities in those with dementia above the level that would normally be expected


Client able to engage in simple conversation relating to present time




Diminished mental capacity secondary to dementia






Short Term: 

1.       participate in activities of daily living at the  maximum of functional ability

2.       remain content and free of harm until discharge

1.break down self care tasks into simple steps

1. simple verbal prompts can help those with dementia be more independent

2. decrease stimuli in the environment and institute activities associated with pleasant emotions

2. a decrease in stimuli decreases agitation








1.Goal met: client able to assist during bath time and participated in dressing self

2.goal met: client showed no signs of agitation



Impaired long term and short term memory















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*I = Implementation.  Check those interventions/actions/orders that were implemented

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