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Medical Diagnoses: Caregiver Role Strain


Nursing DX/Clinical Problem

Client Goals/Desired Outcomes/Objectives

Nursing Interventions/Actions/Orders and Rationale



“I don’t know much about the resources in xxxxxx.”

“We don’t know where to have our baby.”

“We only have one car.”

“We do not have an extended family that lives in xxxxx.”

“We are living on one income.”




The family just moved to xxxxx, patient is pregnant, the family consists of seven people, the income is variable.





Caregiver Role Strain




Long Term:


Family will report low or no feelings of burden or distress by xxxxx measured by relief stated by family.


·         Encourage the caregiver to talk about feelings, concerns, uncertainties, and fears. Acknowledge the frustration associated with caregiver responsibilities. Rationale: Caregivers need a safe outlet for their feelings regarding the care situation (Narayan et al, 2001).

·         Help the caregiver problem solve to meet the care recipient's needs. Rationale: Using problem solving helping the caregiver identify the problem, its sources, and generating potential solutions has been shown to lower distress in caregivers (Given et al, 2006).


deficient knowledge about community resources; difficulty accessing community resources; emotional strength; formal assistance; formal support; insufficient finances;





Short Term:


Family will identify resources available to help in giving care by xxxxx measured by family’s knowledge.

·         Identify potential caregiver resources such as mastery, social support, optimism, and positive aspects of care. Rationale: caregivers can have simultaneous positive and negative responses to providing care. (Pinquart & Sorenson, 2003).

·         Help the caregiver to identify and utilize support systems. Rationale: Caregivers sometimes feel abandoned and need assistance to activate their support systems (Borg & Hallberg, 2006).


Client stating that they do not have knowledge on the resources in xxxxx for birthing a baby. Client stating they only have one car and live on one income.





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