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Reviews of Renaissance Fairs, Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions, Pubs, Music Festivals, Costumes and Garb, home brewing, cigars and kilts
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The Traveling Reveler is the accounting of Peter Beer Slayer’s travels. In the calendar you will find where he has been and where he will be. You will find Reviews of Renaissance Fairs, Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions, Pubs Music Festivals, Costumes and Garb, home brewing, cigars and kilts.

Peter Beer Slayer is a persona I take on when I am at Ren Faires and Conventions. Follow me to places where adults can have fun. As an ‘Enlightened Hedonist’ you will find that I like to drink, to flirt, to eat fine food, to play games and I find the places where I can surround myself with like minded people.

Traveling: That which goes on a trip or tour
Reveler: One who engages in ‘noisy partying’ or ‘merry making’. 

If you are fond of the pleasures of life, You will not find a better traveling log or a better traveling companion. Come to the events on my calendar. Look for the big guy in a kilt, or ask the bar tender where you can find Peter Beer Slayer.

Reveler's ReviewEvent Official Site
Ten Ren FaireComing Soon05/02/2009 Go
MARCONAlso known as the Multiple Alternative Realities Convention, is the Midwest's Premiere Fantasy & Science Fiction Convention. MARCON is THE place to be for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fandom. Autograph Hunters, Writers, Costumers, Gamers, Collectors, Filkers and Partiers need to be at this event. It is hosted at the Hyatt Regency, in Columbus OH, May 22nd - 24th 2009 (Memorial Day Weekend)05/22/2009 Go
KY Highland Ren Faire Coming Soon05/30/2009 Go
OriginsComing Soon06/24/2009 Go
InConJunctionComing Soon07/03/2009 Go
LibertyConComing Soon07/10/2009 Go
Dragon ConComing Soon09/04/2009 Go
Ohio Ren Faire Coming Soon09/05/2009 Go
ARCHONArchon 33 will be held October 2-4, 2009 at the Collinsville Gateway Center in Collinsville, IL. (just east of St. Louis). Archon is a great little Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. Exciting Costuming, a great ConSuite, gaming, and inexpensive hotels.10/02/2009 Go
WindyConComing Soon11/13/2009 Go
ChattaconComing Soon01/22/2010 Go
ConflationComing Soon02/19/2010 Go
ConglomerationComing Soon04/16/2010 Go
FroliconComing Soon04/16/2010 Go

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Peter Beer Slayer IBRSC#1096
Libations prolifically quaffed in colossal proportions at amazing speeds Unbeaten chugging champion of two kingdoms, three faires, five frats and Papa Joe's Bar and Pizzeria-Home of the three and a half gallon BucketO'Beer

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Why Peter “Beer Slayer”


Peter the Beer Slayer Vs Lord Jar Head


The Amazing Peter the Beer Slayer vs the Frat

Peter Beer Slayer “I like my beer like I like my women. At least one more”
  • Dragons cuckolded
  • Lords dallied
  • Ladies wenched
  • Wenches looted
  • Treasures chased

 References available upon request

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