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A hidden expense of conventions that take place in city centers (like MARCON and ORIGINS) is paying to park. I figure that is money better spent on Food or Beer (wait, beer is food…) or something kewl from the Dealer’s room.

Twelve blocks north of the Hyatt the parking becomes free. This is anywhere in the 900 to 1000 block of High Street. (FYI., the hotel/convention center is in the 500 block) I would recommend that you park to west of High Street and of course don’t leave valuables in the car and especially don’t leave valuable visible through the window (duh).

You will then have a short walk to High Street. Once you hit High Street you can either can either walk back to the hotel/convention center or you can simply hop on the next bus heading south on High street.You will not have long to wait for a bus. I can never remember how much bus fare is, so I always have a couple of ones and a buck’s worth of change. You can also flag a taxi if you are in a hurry. 

This also gives you a chance to check out some local restaurants, bars and or shopping.

900 N High St, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio 43215


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