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After missing a year due to the host Hotel owner change ConGlomeration is Back!!

ConGlomeration is Louisville’s Fantasy & Science Fiction Convention. Writers, Artists, Filkers, Costumers and Gamers will find what they need at this convention. Excellent Room Parties and 24 hour Consuite, Gamming Room, and Movies make ConGlomeration an excellent entertainment buy. It is in Louisville in April (at the Hotel formerly known as the Clarion.)

I have a fondness for ConGlomeration because of the consistently high quality of convention they consistently put together over the years. There are many great memories associated with this convention for me and it is a bench mark by which I measure all other Conventions. I will not be missing this convention. As they publish more data I will update the information here. Who: ConGlomeration What: Louisville’s Fantasy & Science Fiction Convention When: A Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in April (Dates to be finalized) Where: The Hotel Formerly known as the Clarion, Louisville KY Why: No better way to start the Con Season.

Con Suite
Media Stars / Celebrities
Huckster/Dealer Room
Value For Dollar
Overal Rating

Costuming: While not a strong costuming Con in total quantity of costumed guests, between the Masquerade and the general applause factor/appreciation for the costumes that show up you will fill comfortable bringing your costumes. Historically Conglomeration has brought in some of the best costumers to run their costuming panels.

Parties: (Most parties check for ID and a con badge) Not surprisingly Parties are my favorite part of any convention. Room Parties are plentiful both Friday and Saturday night. Don’t miss the Hobbit Hole Party (run by real Hobbits), the Ghost Buster’s Party and the Skippy Party (Drinking Skippy the drink is how a lot of good stories start) Conglomeration is also the birth place of The Annual Roving Rogues and Wench’s Party.

Con Suite: Conglomeration’s Con Suite is typical for Southern Fandom. Free soft drinks and friendly staff keeping munchies restocked nonstop through out the entire convention. They are not huge on real food/meal type food and they do not serve alcohol. Despite this, they still get a seven because 1) you can’t go wrong with a chocolate fondue fountain and 2) good coffee and a truck load of Krispy Kreme donuts make an excellent breakfast. 3) The plentiful supply of roomparties would make consuite booze redundant and 4) never closing is a huge plus

Programming: Plentiful programming with a respectable number of topics. Nonstop movies. And really well done Art Show and Auction. They also have a good children’s track that includes a costuming section where the kids build their own costume and have their own mini Masquerade. Saturday night at midnight is the traditional Rocky Horror Picture Show and I hope to run my Con Sociology 101: (How to Meet People at Cons), and Con Sociology 210: (How to Flirt at Cons) at Conglomeration in 2010 Gaming: The game room is staffed and open non stop. You will find plenty of opportunities to play board games, table top/pencil paper RPGs and Several well attended (and well run) LARPS. I also have noticed a lot of game designers have play tested their games here. Games are free to play and easy to sign up for. It is also easy to set up and run a game. Don’t miss the Live Action Frogger

Media Stars / Celebrities: You will find lots of writers and artists that you will recognize. Conglomeration just started bringing in Actor celebrities with Walter Koenig in 2008. Personally I think that is a great move on their part. While I really don’t care about the celabraties I know lots of other people do. And the celebrities will bring in more people so that is a plus for a con. Value For Dollar: A modes price for a Badge/admission and a good price at the con hotel means that you will have plenty of cash left over for the Hukster/Dealer room. That combined with great room parties and friendly people and lots to do make for a great value-for-dollar.